The long and winding road

「The long and winding road 」 The Beatles

The long and winding road  That leads to your door
  Will never disappear  I've seen that road before
  It always leads me her  Lead me to you door

  The wild and windy night  That the rain washed away
  Has left a pool of tears  Crying for the day
  Why leave me standing here  Let me know the way

  Many times I've been alone  And many times I've cried
  Any way you'll never know  The many ways I've tried

  But still they lead me back  To the long winding road 
 You left me standing here  A long long time ago
  Don't leave me waiting here  Lead me to your door

(Paul McCartney)

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PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村
by flycoachman | 2016-05-01 22:27 | 風景写真

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